Memory Quilt: Recycled Baby Bedding

I was asked to make some new bedding for a family’s little girl (5) who was graduating from her crib/toddler bed into brand new bunk beds. Her toddler bed had various bedding – a bed skirt, sheet, pillows & blanket.

We talked about what would be best and we decided that a duvet cover instead of a quilt would be most utilized.The aim was to make two matching duvet covers for each bunk.

I carefully took all the old bedding apart, washed it all, ironed and began to assess how much fabric we had. The family wanted a very classic calm design and we decided on plain squares – keeping them 5″ in size so the duvets would seem classic but still modern.

I am pleased with the result. They look like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog. The flannel duvet covers are so soft and the weight of the quilted top make them feel very expensive – I’m not sure anyone would guess at first glance that these are a recycled project.

After I had pieced the tops I attached the quilted tops to cream flannel duvet cover top & added stitched detail using some Gutermann Heavy Duty Polyester Thread in straight lines.

I love how this looks – I will have to use this again on another project.

We still had a little bit of fabric left over so I made Teddy a little apron (happily modeled here by Felix the bunny)


…. and Teddy also got the cutest sleeping bag too (I haven’t let my girls set eyes on this – I just know they would want thousands for all their stuffed toys!)

Here is the little package all together. Duvet on bed, 2nd duvet cover folded, Teddy’s apron & Teddy’s sleeping bag.

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