Memorial Quilt: T-shirts

This is not your typical t-shirt quilt.

If you have not had the pleasure with working with t-shirts before – they are much harder to quilt than you would imagine. The material is not conducive to any complex piecing, non bulky seams and free motion quilting. When I was given these t-shirts (from a family whose Grandmother had passed away) I wasn’t sure what I would do with the huge array of colors – the t-shirts also vary in their ‘stretch’, weave/texture, sheen and thickness.

Quilting this quilt was a mammoth effort. I certainly enhanced my arm and shoulder muscles pushing it through Bernie.

The quilting pattern is feathers – into flowers – into leaves – into swirls and finally
into curvy lines. I hope that the quilting brings some movement to an
otherwise blocky design. This is the back of the quilt. This is the most complex quilting design I have taken on so far – and I do have to thank my Craftsy lesson with Angela Walters for the skills I have picked up here.

I followed the change in colors with the
change of free motion quilting patterns.

Even the binding is from a t-shirt.

After I had finished the quilt I washed the quilt on a hot wash and dried it on a hot wash too – this treatment helps the t-shirts helps to ‘settle in’ some what to the way I have been asking them to comply.

I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can take quilting t-shirts in the future!

Technical Info:

Batting: Quilters Dream Wool Batting 100% Wool

Backing Fabric: 110″ Wide Quilt Backing Butterfly White

Top: Client provided  t-shirts

Binding: Clients provided t-shirts

Quilting Thread (Top & Bobbin): Sulky® Clear Premier Invisible Thread

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