Memorial Quilt: Bear Paw Shirt Quilt

When I was first given the materials for this quilt I was a little scared. I had no idea how to make this pile of shirts into a beautiful quilt for the family.

The lady who wore these shirts used to be the mayor of our town. With every Memorial Quilt I make – I feel so privileged that the families entrust me with their loved ones clothes.

Preparing for this quilt took a long time – in ladies shirts there are many more darts and seams that in a typical mans shirt. Some of the shirts were made of very sheer fabric and they all needed interfacing. I use the lightest interfacing I can find – I like ‘ ‘

I quilted this quilt on my new Fusion – Freddie using a design I call an ‘octopus flower’. I loaded this quilt on day 5 of having this new machine which was either brave or foolish. Perhaps both.

The family wanted to use the quilt in their house in Vermont – which is a traditional farmhouse. I wanted the quilt to be of a traditional origin – so we decided on the classic bear paw block. The Bear Paw is a very easy block to put together – and very easy to chain piece as well. I sewed my blocks together on point.
With every quilt I make I find it hard to stand back and be totally pleased with my finished project – I can always see where I could have improved something – but with every project I take on I learn so much. I can’t wait to make more memorial quilts for families in 2014.

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