About Quilting a Memory

Quilting A Memory is a charitable organization set up to provide free quilting services to the families of service men & women using their clothes & uniforms. We are currently filing our 501c3 status and will be able to accept donations soon.

We aim to produce unique detailed quilts which do not look like clothing or uniform. Quilts that can blend into your home and be beautiful yet practical. The quilts do not have a patriotic theme or any religious imagery in them (unless you request this).


Contact: rachael_dorr@yahoo.com

One thought on “About Quilting a Memory

  1. I was looking for ideas for a quilt to be made of men’s’ shirts! I came across the pictures of your very beautiful and inspired Lone Star quilt made for the family of a Colonel who lost his life in Iraq (your entry 24/02/15). I must say it brought tears to my eyes – you have captured the simplicity and dignity suitable for a Memorial yet the star symbol lifts it from the ordinary. I have seen many pictures of ‘quilts of valour’ but yours is, to my mind, the loveliest example of such a memorial. We don’t have the custom, here in UK, of making such quilts which seems to be a shame. However, I also think the quilts made for the Irish family were almost celebratory – and that’s no bad thing. I’m filled with admiration of your creativity. We lost our only daughter to cancer some years ago and I would cherish even a small keepsake made from an item of her clothing……. but of course that’s not possible now.

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